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Get Maximum Compensation For Your Injuries After A Car Accident

ContextualAutomobile insurance companies do not make money by paying claims. Unfortunately and despite the fact that such companies are supposed to offer you fair and reasonable compensation, they do not always do so. Getting the right lawyer involved in your case early can make all the difference. Call me at The Law Office of Alan Rubin in Louisville at 866-640-4467.

I have represented individuals in Louisville and Jefferson County area since 1987, and I can put my experience to work for you. You will not owe attorney fees, court costs or expenses unless I win or settle your case.

If you have suffered injuries such as a broken bone or even a whiplash injury in a car wreck caused by a negligent driver, I can help you recover the money you need to cover medical expenses, lost wages or income, and money for scars or disfigurement, and your pain and suffering and inconvenience. In the event the unthinkable has happened and you have lost a loved one in a car crash or motor vehicle accident, I can help your family obtain the compensation necessary to help you through such a tragedy.

What To Do After A Crash

When you've been hurt, seeking proper medical care and treatment for your car accident injury is very important. Often an injury will continue to grow progressively worse over the course of a day or two. You should not have to suffer in silence. When you see your doctor follow his advice and see a specialist if it is recommended.

Talking with an auto accident attorney will ensure that you are properly advised of the rights you have under the law. Rights that can get you a rental car, your medical bills paid and even money for lost wages during your period of disability when you can't work.

I am available for a free no-cost consultation to advise you of your rights and answer any questions you may have. Just because you chose to speak with a lawyer does not mean that you have to pursue a claim.

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For a free no-cost evaluation of your claim, please call me today. I work on a contingency fee basis, and you will never owe me any attorney fees, court costs or expenses unless I win or settle your claim.

I am always happy to speak with someone who has questions, and I take great pride in returning phone calls in a timely manner. Call 866-640-4467 or send me an email.

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