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Who Is Entitled To Worker's Compensation Death Benefits?

ContUnfortunately, sometimes tragedy occurs during work. Many times, if the unthinkable happens and a family member has suffered a fatality while on the job, you may be entitled to financial support. Kentucky law provides for workers' compensation death benefits for a person's spouse and children.

Certain presumptions exist in the law involving benefits in workers' compensation fatalities. The law presumes the injury is work-related when there is medical evidence indicating the injury was caused by work. There is presumption, under certain circumstances, that the death was work-related if it happened on the job. Under certain circumstances, including situations where the Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigated and fined the employer, it is also considered work-related.

At The Law Office of Alan Rubin, I have spent 30 years helping those in Louisville who have suffered the loss of loved one in a work-related fatality. A lawyer can help you secure benefits and ensure the amount is what you are entitled. Contact me for help at 866-640-4467.

What Is The Amount Of Workers' Compensation Death Benefits?

The sum of money paid annually to a spouse of a worker whose death was work-related is equal to 50 percent of the worker's salary (if the worker has no children). The law says that the annuity should include a cost of living increase each year.

How Long Will A Spouse Or Child Receive The Benefit?

The duration of the workers' compensation death benefit is as long as the spouse lives. For children of the worker who died, the annuity will continue until they reach 18 years old.

If no spouse or children exist, the worker's parents may be entitled to a death benefit.

Have Questions About Workers' Compensation Death Benefits?

With 30 years of experience and a special focus on workers' compensation, as your attorney, I will have answers to your questions. Call me at my firm in Louisville at 866-640-4467 for a free consultation. If you prefer, send an email.

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