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Workers' compensation: man trapped and killed on job site

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a government agency that exists in Kentucky and across the country to ensure the safety of men and women in the workplace through various methods. One of the ways they strive to improve safety is by investigation or work accidents. Results of investigations may reveal areas of needed improvement, may help to enforce safety measures and may lead to new safety standards. In addition to an agency that strives to improve safety for workers, most employers are also required to provide workers' compensation insurance benefits in the event of an unfortunate work-related accident. Sadly, a family in another state may be discovering if they qualify for the insurance benefits after losing their loved one in a tragic accident.

The 27-year-old worker was on the job site working on the foundation of one of the company's projects. Apparently, the man was working alone. The company was digging out the foundation under a cottage with an excavator, and the cottage was stabilized and lifted up on multiple I-beams.

Workers' compensation: Man falls to his death while working

Far too many Kentucky families have had to mourn the loss of a loved one after a construction accident. Some families qualify and receive workers' compensation death benefits when an on-the-job tragedy occurs. One daughter in another state may sadly be eligible for the insurance benefits following the death of her father in a workplace accident.

The 23-year-old father was employed by a subcontractor to install rebar at a school dormitory. At some point, he released his required tether and attempted to walk on plywood board throughout the site. It is possible that one of the plywood boards over an unfinished elevator shaft was not secure and gave way, resulting in his fall. He suffered serious injuries and did not survive. The state is currently investigating the accident.

Workers' compensation: Families may quailify for death benefits

Because of the equipment, chemicals and conditions in industrial plants, accidents can result in serious injuries. An unfortunate industrial work accident in a Kentucky automotive plant has left the family of a worker planning a funeral. Families like this one typically qualify for workers' compensation death benefits to assist with the burial expenses and other financial issues.

The tragic accident occurred at the Kentucky Ford Truck Plant, resulting in the death of a 41-year-old man. He was an electrician at the plant. Rumors began to circulate that his death was a result of an electrocution, but the plant has denied those claims.

Workers' compensation: Man dies while repairing combine

Some jobs in Kentucky are more unusual than others, and some are more dangerous as well. Any job that requires workers to be on lifts, scaffolding, around large equipment or in risky locations could place an employee in harm's way. Fortunately, most employers provide workers' compensation insurance to employees to help cover medical expenses in the unfortunate event of an accident that results in injury. When injuries result in death, some families are also eligible for some insurance benefits. One family in another state has likely had to process all the insurance and benefits they are eligible for, following their loved one's death that resulted from a work accident.

The 47-year-old worker was employed by an equipment facility and was attempting to repair a large combine machine on a lift when the accident occurred. He was completing the work with another employee, and they had placed a strap around a metal mechanism to help pull it loose. Apparently, they were both trying to remove the combine's auger mechanism when a piece of metal dislodged.

Workers' compensation: Man dies on construction site

Large construction sites in Kentucky take a considerable amount of coordination and project managing to complete a project. Large-scale projects require a considerable amount of labor, supplies and equipment. Despite safety gear, policies and procedures, accidents are not uncommon. Employers are mandated to provide employees with workers' compensation insurance benefits in the unfortunate event of an accident to assist in any related medical expenses. One family in another state may be eligible for insurance benefits after a tragic accident at a large construction site.

The accident occurred at a large construction site. Workers were completing work on a $24 million 420 bed apartment complex that would likely be used for college students. The worker that was injured was working for a subcontractor on the project at the time of the accident. Specific details of the accident were not publicized. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is expected to perform an investigation of the events prior to the incident.

Car accidents: 5 members of family killed in collision

As most kids were anticipating a fun night of trick or treat and accumulating large amounts of candy, one Kentucky family was planning five unexpected funerals. Any time car accidents occur, it can result in serious property damage, injuries and, as in this case, death. Surviving family members are often overwhelmed with the aftermath that follows a fatal accident.

The details of the events that proceeded the accident are still unclear and are pending the investigation. The only survivor remains in the hospital after suffering serious injuries. Authorities report that the evidence has to be sorted through to determine what may have resulted in the accident. It is believed that the 57-year-old man driving an SUV drove into the lane of the family's car, resulting in the head-on collision.

Common safety violations in construction can threaten your life

As a construction worker, you probably know that you work in one of the most dangerous industries in Kentucky, not to mention the entire country. Working long hours with heavy equipment and hazardous materials can put you at risk of being severely injured or even killed. It is for this reason that the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration enforces numerous rigid safety standards for the construction industry. Unfortunately, your employers or co-workers might disregard these measures, putting you and others in danger.

OSHA data shows that in 2015, 937 fatal construction worker injury fatalities occurred on the job in the U.S. This represented 21.4 percent of all workplace fatalities that year. Safety violations are responsible for a significant portion of construction site injuries and deaths. The top violations you might see at your jobsite frequently involve what is known in the industry as the “fatal four.” These include falls, electrocution, being struck by an object or being caught in or between objects.

Kentucky car accidents: Women injured in head-on collision

Every day people's lives have the potential to change in an instant. Unfortunately for some, it is not always a good change. Instantly, car accidents can result in serious injuries that can require a life-time of medical treatment and therapy. Sadly, others are fatal. Two women in Kentucky are finding out first hand how much their lives can quickly change after a recent accident.

During a recent morning commute, a 41-year old woman was driving eastbound on a Kentucky highway when the collision occurred. It is unknown what events preceded the accident, but the woman reportedly crossed over the center line into westbound oncoming traffic. She then struck a westbound vehicle occupied by an 80-year-old driver and her two passengers. The resulting serious accident required the highway to be closed for a short period of time as emergency workers attended to the victims.

Workers' compensation: Man dies after coal mining accident

Despite improved safety procedures and technology over the years, coal mining accidents continue to occur in Kentucky and other mining locations throughout the world. Fortunately for miners, employers are required to provide workers' compensation insurance benefits in the event employees are injured. Sadly, one family in another state may be filing a claim after their loved one was fatally injured in a mining accident.

The worker was in an underground mine moving equipment when a large piece of the mine wall came loose and hit the man. Apparently, co-workers were nearby when the accident occurred, because they were able to offer first aid until the mining company's medical team could arrive. The mine employs a medical team with licensed emergency medical technicians available for accidents. The victim reportedly talked to his co-workers the entire time they attended to his injuries.

Motorcycle accidents: University of Kentucky student dies in crash

The cooler fall temperatures have made it more enjoyable for Kentucky riders to be out on the roads on their motorcycles. Unfortunately, along with increased riding, there is a greater chance for motorcycle accidents to occur. Tragically, a senior college student died in a serious accident as he was riding his bike one morning.

Reportedly, the student was in his last year at the University of Kentucky and was well-liked by everyone that knew him. Several people reported witnessing the tragic accident that morning. Early investigation indicates that he was turning left, traveling in the opposite direction of a sedan who was also turning left when the accident occurred.

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