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Elevator falls: Workers' compensation may be filed by injured

Reportedly, falls are the number one killer on construction sites in Kentucky and across the country. When falls do not result in death, they often result in serious injury for a construction worker. Fortunately for workers, employees are required to provide workers' compensation insurance to cover medical expenses when on-the-job injuries occur. Several workers will likely need to file insurance claims after injuries suffered due to a falling elevator on their construction site.

Apparently, an elevator at the construction site of a luxury apartment building crashed through seven stories. Inside of the elevator were 11 employees. Five workers were injured as a result of the fall, and a fractured foot was the apparently the most severe injury.

Investigators from Occupational Safety and Health Administration are evaluating the accident and elevator equipment. Elevators have an emergency braking system, but it appears that the system on the site's elevator failed. Construction workers in a nearby building heard a loud noise, which apparently was the braking system attempting to stop the elevator from descending. The investigation is still pending.

Although the workers' compensation system is created to assist employees to cover medical expenses from on-the-job injuries, it can be a difficult process. Employees may easily be discouraged when attempting to file a claim to receive compensation to cover their unexpected medical expenses or the inability to be treated by their own physicians. Attorneys in Kentucky who are familiar with the system can guide an employee through it and fight for the client's receipt of all applicable benefits.

Source: wwltv.com, "OSHA opens investigation into CBD construction elevator accident", Jacqueline Quynh, July 31, 2017

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