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Workers' compensation: Families may quailify for death benefits

Because of the equipment, chemicals and conditions in industrial plants, accidents can result in serious injuries. An unfortunate industrial work accident in a Kentucky automotive plant has left the family of a worker planning a funeral. Families like this one typically qualify for workers' compensation death benefits to assist with the burial expenses and other financial issues.

The tragic accident occurred at the Kentucky Ford Truck Plant, resulting in the death of a 41-year-old man. He was an electrician at the plant. Rumors began to circulate that his death was a result of an electrocution, but the plant has denied those claims.

Since the accidental death, other workers have expressed concern about the work conditions at the plant. Apparently, electricians like the victim were often required to work 12-hour shifts with strict time-limited breaks. Some workers claim the stressful work environment can make it easier for accidents to occur. The last death occurred at the plant about six years ago, and the plant was fined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration $25,000 for violations of safety policies.

Workers' compensation is an insurance benefit provided by employers that is easy to forget that it is available for tragic accidents such as this one. Families must meet qualifications to be able to file a claim, and the families that qualify may find the compensation helpful as they learn to transition without their loved one emotionally and financially. Unfortunately, the claims system is often challenging, but attorneys in Kentucky can assist families through the entire process.

Source: wsws.org, "Electrician, 41, killed at Ford Kentucky Truck Plant on Saturday", Jessica Goldstein, Dec. 11, 2017

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