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What not to say after a car accident

Drivers in Kentucky need to be aware of others on the road. In 2014, there were over 127,000 accidents on the state's roadways, and over 22,000 of those accidents resulted in non-fatal injuries. This data comes from the Kentucky State Police

There are plenty of things you need to do immediately following a motor vehicle accident to ensure your insurance covers the vehicle damage and any injuries you sustained. However, there are plenty of things you definitely do not want to do after a collision. Saying the wrong thing could seriously jeopardize your claim, so here are a few phrases to avoid uttering:

"I'm sorry"

You may not be able to help saying, "I'm sorry" even if the accident was not your fault, but you should avoid saying it to the other driver. The reason is insurance representatives or police officers could misconstrue "I'm sorry" as you saying you are at least partially at fault. 

Even if you believe you are at fault, that may not necessarily be the case. For example, you may have hit another car in the evening, but the other vehicle did not have its headlights on. In this instance, both drivers may share liability. Do not admit to any of the blame until you have all the facts. 

Anything about the accident on Facebook

People post all details of their lives on social media, but keep quiet about a car accident until your insurance has paid you. Saying something innocuous could give your insurance provider cause to deny some of your coverage. For example, you may have some medical bills to pay to take care of any injuries. However, you post on Facebook that you are all right to reassure your friends. Your insurance provider could use that statement to claim you are not as badly hurt as you initially claimed. It is best to simply stay off all social media until everything is over. 

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