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March 2018 Archives

Workers' compensation: Benefits may be avaiable for families

Working in a coal mine is difficult work. Coal mining work has historically been dangerous due to the instability that the mining can sometimes cause. Sadly, another coal miner has died in a tragic accident while on the job. Other Kentucky families who have lost a loved one in a similar type of accident may wish to understand their options for workers' compensation death benefits.  

Workers' compensation: Man loses legs at work

Workplaces, like foundries, have multiple dangers and hazards for employees. When safety protocols and procedures are in place, employees typically can remain safe while performing their duties.  Kentucky employees who may need to consider filing a workers' compensation claim may be interested in another worker's unfortunate injury while on-the-job.

Workers' compensation: DOT worker injured by driver

Kentucky motor vehicle operators may see an increase in road construction in the near future as the weather warms and the roads receive needed repair before the summer travel season begins. Unfortunately, construction zones on roadways are a hazard for workers, as some motorists do not adhere to the slowed traffic requests or leave a safe distance between workers and a vehicle. Construction workers who need to file a workers' compensation claim may be interested in understanding the circumstances of one man's accident in another state.

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