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Workers' compensation: Benefits may be avaiable for families

Working in a coal mine is difficult work. Coal mining work has historically been dangerous due to the instability that the mining can sometimes cause. Sadly, another coal miner has died in a tragic accident while on the job. Other Kentucky families who have lost a loved one in a similar type of accident may wish to understand their options for workers' compensation death benefits.  

Sadly, the miner was just 29 years old when he suffered fatal injuries. The worker was on a late shift completing maintenance on a conveyor belt when the accident occurred. For unknown reasons, the conveyor belt started working in the middle of the maintenance work, causing the worker's death.

The mine closed and stopped work following the man's death. An investigation was begun and 15 citations were immediately issued for noncompliance. Reportedly, several of the issues have been already been addressed. Records also indicate that safety training was given on-site as recently as January.

Workers' compensation insurance benefits are often thought of as compensation to cover medical treatment for injuries suffered at work. Families of deceased workers may not understand that the insurance can also be a benefit to the surviving family. Some family members may qualify for death benefits, which may help with burial expenses and during the period that family transitions financially without the miner's income. Kentucky attorneys who are familiar with the claims process can advise a family of their rights and benefits and help them pursue recovery of the maximum amount for which they qualify.

Source: lanereport.com, "29-year-old coal miner dies in accident in Harlan County", March 28, 2018

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