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Workers' compensation: Man loses legs at work

Workplaces, like foundries, have multiple dangers and hazards for employees. When safety protocols and procedures are in place, employees typically can remain safe while performing their duties.  Kentucky employees who may need to consider filing a workers' compensation claim may be interested in another worker's unfortunate injury while on-the-job.

The employee worked at a foundry, which often works to cast various types of metal. A 38-foot-long auger screw was blocked, and two workers were working to unblock and clean it. For safety purposes, the equipment should have been locked out or denergized to prevent a worker injury while performing the work, but it was not.

One of the workers must have realized a work light was left behind because he crawled through a 20-inch opening to retrieve it. Unfortunately, another worker who was out of sight and unaware of the employee inside of the equipment turned the machine on. Sadly, the man was pulled into a conveyor belt resulting in serious injuries requiring the amputation of his legs. As with most serious on-the-job accidents, the foundry accident was investigated by the Occupational Health and Services Administration, and it fined the company $283,390.  Apparently, the foundry lacked a required permit, safety signs and other safety protocols that could have prevented the accident.

Following an accident such as this one, an employee's quality of life may be changed forever. In addition, an employee can anticipate numerous expensive medical bills. Employer-provided workers' compensation insurance benefits should be helpful for employees, but many find it to be a difficult system to navigate. Many injured Kentucky workers find a lawyer familiar with the system to be a helpful advocate during the claims process.

Source: pasadenastarnews.com, "Man loses legs in workplace accident at Alhambra Foundry, company fined nearly $300K", March 7, 2018

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