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April 2018 Archives

Common workplace risks for factory workers: Part 1

Louisville area factory employees are aware their work environments are filled with hazards that contribute to accidents. To minimize the risk of workplace accidents and injury, the OHSA requires factory and manufacturing employers to follow certain safety regulations and guidelines and take steps to keep their workers safe. Their jobs require them to remain alert and use proper safety measures and equipment and to be cautious. Unfortunately, their work environments are still full of hazards that could cause employees to suffer serious injuries and even fatalities. 

Car accidents: Tragic Kentucky head-on collision results in death

Distracted driving has become a major concern to anyone who travels on the roads. News reports and studies indicate that many car accidents now occur because of distracted driving, whether it be from eating, cell phone use or distractions immediately around them in or out of the vehicle. It is unknown if a recent tragic Kentucky head-on collision resulted from distracted driving, but investigators are currently exploring the events just prior to the accident.

Car accidents: Man shatters femur in collision

The aftermath of any accident is overwhelming for anyone involved. Families of victims also often feel the impact even if they were not directly injured or involved. A family of a victim may experience worry over a loved one's health, the expense of medical bills or be required to miss work to care for an injured loved one. The aftermath of car accidents can easily impact many different people. Unfortunately, some Kentucky families have recently discovered the ripple effect that can result from a bad accident.

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