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May 2018 Archives

Unaddressed hazards often lead to workers' compensation claims

Workers in Kentucky may be aware of the typical hazards they can expect to face in their particular industries. However, based on workers' compensation claims, some dangers are often left unaddressed because they are not typical of a specific sector. Housekeeping is one aspect that does not receive the attention it deserves because serious injuries can result from slips on wet spots caused by spillages or leaks, and from trips over debris or random, misplaced objects.

Car accidents: Drugs may have been factor in fatal collision

Reconstructionists use the evidence collected on the scene of a collision to piece together the actions that likely preceded an accident. Witness reports, vehicle data and surveillance video footage can aid an investigator with understanding the reasons car accidents may have occurred. Sometimes the evidence indicates that negligent actions of a driver may have contributed to an accident. A man from another state has been recently accused of negligence and contributing to a fatal accident in Kentucky.

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