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Car accidents: Drugs may have been factor in fatal collision

Reconstructionists use the evidence collected on the scene of a collision to piece together the actions that likely preceded an accident. Witness reports, vehicle data and surveillance video footage can aid an investigator with understanding the reasons car accidents may have occurred. Sometimes the evidence indicates that negligent actions of a driver may have contributed to an accident. A man from another state has been recently accused of negligence and contributing to a fatal accident in Kentucky.

The man was driving a truck while towing a horse trailer when the accident occurred. At some point, he lost control of the vehicle and crossed over into the lane of traffic traveling in the opposite direction. He collided with a vehicle that included a driver and two passengers.  

The occupants of the other vehicle were all injured and transferred to a medical facility for care. Sadly, one of the passengers did not survive her injuries. Although he suffered some minor injuries, the driver of the truck refused medical treatment. Authorities arrested the truck driver, believing that evidence indicated he was driving under the influence. To add to his legal troubles, authorities allegedly discovered marijuana and other drug paraphernalia in his vehicle.

Car accidents can have a ripple effect on multiple people's lives in an instant. Injured victims may suffer disabling injuries temporarily or permanently, as well as incurring financial obligations for any treatment. Families of deceased victims are left to cope with unexpected loss and burial expenses. Individuals involved in collisions often find comfort when discussing their case with a Kentucky personal injury attorney. An experienced attorney can advise victims if a lawsuit in civil court is an appropriate form of legal recourse.

Source: kentucky.com, "Pikeville woman dies in wreck. Police say other driver was drunk", Beth Musgrave, May 6, 2018

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