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June 2018 Archives

Workers' compensation: Man still recovering after arm amputated

Every job in Kentucky, unfortunately, entails some risks, but some professions have more than others. Depending on the work they do, construction workers typically face serious risks every day on the job. When accidents occur, workers' compensation insurance benefits is often the route workers use to cover medical expenses. One man in another state has recounted his long and continued journey of recovery after a horrific on-the-job accident he experienced two years ago.

Motorcycle accidents: Beware of road hazards

With warmer weather in Kentucky, there are sure to be motorcycle riders who could not wait to get their bikes out from storage. For them, there is nothing better than taking to the open roads. However, specialized skills are required to stay safe and avoid motorcycle accidents because bikers have hardly any protection, and collisions with other vehicles often have catastrophic consequences.

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