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Workers' compensation: Claims without attorney may be difficult

Undoubtedly, working with different construction tools, equipment or machinery can pose a serious risk to workers. When an injury occurs on the job, many Kentucky workers file a claim through their workers' compensation program. When an unfortunate tragic death occurs at work, families sometimes qualify for death benefits through the same insurance program. Sadly, three different workers and/or families may be filing claims in another state after three different construction accidents.

The first accident became a horrific tragedy for one worker. The worker was using a chainsaw to cut a piece of pipe in a hole in the ground when the accident occurred. The details are unclear, but the chainsaw slipped and cut the worker in two places. Unfortunately, one of the places was his neck, which resulted in a fatal injury. According to reports, he was vocal as he was being loaded in the ambulance, but he did not survive.

Two other workers were injured on different construction sites but in the same area within the same week. One worker suffered serious injuries to his arms and legs when a crane overturned. A third worker, who was an electrician, was injured by a well-meaning co-worker. The electrician apparently appeared as though he was being electrocuted. In the process of trying to relieve the worker from electrocution, the well-meaning co-worker knocked the electrician unconscious.

Although workers' compensation was originally designed to be a benefit for workers, it has become a complicated and cumbersome insurance system. Some families and workers find it difficult to process a claim through insurance when they are dealing with grief or healing from an injury. Some families and workers find that asking a Kentucky attorney for assistance to be in their best interest.

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