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September 2018 Archives

Workers' compensation: Man dead after apparent electrocution

Large and small construction projects in Kentucky typically involve numerous workers, large equipment and cumbersome supplies. All aspects are a recipe for a multitude of work accidents. If a worker suffers an injury from an on-the-job accident, he or she may have access to a state-managed workers' compensation insurance program to assist with related expenses. Sadly, one family likely has the option to file a claim for death benefits after the loss of their loved one while working on an elevator shaft.

Workers' compensation: Man injured when trapped under machine

It is no a surprise that a construction site can consist of many dangers to workers and others on a job site. Construction work in Kentucky often involves working with unstable environments to begin the process of building something new. Unfortunately, an unstable environment may be the reason one injured construction worker in another state may be filing a workers' compensation claim for injuries.

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