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Workers' compensation: Man injured when trapped under machine

It is no a surprise that a construction site can consist of many dangers to workers and others on a job site. Construction work in Kentucky often involves working with unstable environments to begin the process of building something new. Unfortunately, an unstable environment may be the reason one injured construction worker in another state may be filing a workers' compensation claim for injuries.

The accident occurred on a road construction site early in the morning. The project involved widening an intersection and road. The worker was operating a machine to roll and compact the dirt when it is believed that the machine may have encountered an unstable piece of dirt.

The roller then tipped over and trapped the worker under the machine. Other employees from the company, along with the help of emergency workers, were able to lift the machine off the injured man. Reportedly, the man was conscious when he was transported for treatment, but his condition is unknown. Regulatory agencies, including the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, were notified of the accident.

When accidents such as this one result in injury to an employee, it can result in medical bills and lost time from work. Employer-provided workers' compensation insurance coverage is designed to prevent an employee from becoming financially burdened in the aftermath of an injury. Unfortunately, many employees discover that it is difficult to process a claim through the state-regulated insurance system. Kentucky attorneys are aware of the complications some may face and can assist workers and families at every stage of the claims process.

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