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October 2018 Archives

4 ways retail workers can get hurt during the holidays

You may dread the holiday season as a retail worker. Black Friday and the weeks leading up to Christmas can drain you. You may suffer mentally and physically as you strive to provide a welcoming environment for customers. Not only can the holidays leave you feeling overworked, but you are also at risk of sustaining an injury. 

Workers' compensation: Man dies after injury at UPS facility

When the Occupational Health and Safety Administration investigates a work accident, it typically evaluates employee training, equipment condition, the safety of the work environment and other factors. Following an OHSA investigation, employers in violation of some policies can face serious fines. Unfortunately for workers, unsafe work environments or improper training can result in injury, for which they are likely entitled to pursue a workers' compensation claim.

Motorcycle accidents: Bike passenger dies in crash

A variety of shapes and sizes of vehicles travel along Kentucky roadways. Although many types are permitted, some vehicles are certainly at a disadvantage to others due to a difference in size. Motorcycles and their riders are definitely at a disadvantage when motorcycle accidents with larger vehicles occur. Sadly, a recent fatal crash involving a motorcycle underscores the harm that these types of accidents can cause.

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