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November 2018 Archives

Workers' compensation: Parents lack answers to son's death

The Kentucky Occupational and Safety Health office exists to enforce work safety regulations and to conduct investigations of workplace accidents, especially of accidents involving serious injuries and fatalities. Parents of a killed 17-year-old worker, along with a county prosecutor, have accused the KY OSH office of an incomplete and sloppy investigation of the boy's fatal accident. Experts state that incomplete investigations such as this one can affect workers' compensation benefits to an injured worker or family of a deceased victim.

Car accidents: Children injured at bus stops

School administrators and authorities have worked hard over the years to ensure the safety of children at school bus stops and when in route to school. Despite efforts and safety education, car accidents continue to occur at school bus stops, endangering the lives of children and parents. An alarming six accidents have occurred across the country in recent weeks at bus stops. One accident injured two Kentucky children.

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