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Most states do not recognize PTSD as valid workers' compensation

Those who work in emotionally charged fields, such as first responders, often face stresses that the majority of workers will never experience. As a result, these workers are often viewed as being mentally tougher and able to cope with the traumas they often face. However, there has been an increase in the numbers of workers who are struggling with the effects of these stresses, and, unfortunately, many states -- including Kentucky -- tend to deny these types of workers' compensation claims.

Workers' compensation: Man still recovering after arm amputated

Every job in Kentucky, unfortunately, entails some risks, but some professions have more than others. Depending on the work they do, construction workers typically face serious risks every day on the job. When accidents occur, workers' compensation insurance benefits is often the route workers use to cover medical expenses. One man in another state has recounted his long and continued journey of recovery after a horrific on-the-job accident he experienced two years ago.

Unaddressed hazards often lead to workers' compensation claims

Workers in Kentucky may be aware of the typical hazards they can expect to face in their particular industries. However, based on workers' compensation claims, some dangers are often left unaddressed because they are not typical of a specific sector. Housekeeping is one aspect that does not receive the attention it deserves because serious injuries can result from slips on wet spots caused by spillages or leaks, and from trips over debris or random, misplaced objects.

Workers' compensation: Benefits may be avaiable for families

Working in a coal mine is difficult work. Coal mining work has historically been dangerous due to the instability that the mining can sometimes cause. Sadly, another coal miner has died in a tragic accident while on the job. Other Kentucky families who have lost a loved one in a similar type of accident may wish to understand their options for workers' compensation death benefits.  

Workers' compensation: Man loses legs at work

Workplaces, like foundries, have multiple dangers and hazards for employees. When safety protocols and procedures are in place, employees typically can remain safe while performing their duties.  Kentucky employees who may need to consider filing a workers' compensation claim may be interested in another worker's unfortunate injury while on-the-job.

Workers' compensation: DOT worker injured by driver

Kentucky motor vehicle operators may see an increase in road construction in the near future as the weather warms and the roads receive needed repair before the summer travel season begins. Unfortunately, construction zones on roadways are a hazard for workers, as some motorists do not adhere to the slowed traffic requests or leave a safe distance between workers and a vehicle. Construction workers who need to file a workers' compensation claim may be interested in understanding the circumstances of one man's accident in another state.

Workers' compensation: man trapped and killed on job site

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a government agency that exists in Kentucky and across the country to ensure the safety of men and women in the workplace through various methods. One of the ways they strive to improve safety is by investigation or work accidents. Results of investigations may reveal areas of needed improvement, may help to enforce safety measures and may lead to new safety standards. In addition to an agency that strives to improve safety for workers, most employers are also required to provide workers' compensation insurance benefits in the event of an unfortunate work-related accident. Sadly, a family in another state may be discovering if they qualify for the insurance benefits after losing their loved one in a tragic accident.

Workers' compensation: Man falls to his death while working

Far too many Kentucky families have had to mourn the loss of a loved one after a construction accident. Some families qualify and receive workers' compensation death benefits when an on-the-job tragedy occurs. One daughter in another state may sadly be eligible for the insurance benefits following the death of her father in a workplace accident.

Workers' compensation: Families may quailify for death benefits

Because of the equipment, chemicals and conditions in industrial plants, accidents can result in serious injuries. An unfortunate industrial work accident in a Kentucky automotive plant has left the family of a worker planning a funeral. Families like this one typically qualify for workers' compensation death benefits to assist with the burial expenses and other financial issues.

Workers' compensation: Man dies while repairing combine

Some jobs in Kentucky are more unusual than others, and some are more dangerous as well. Any job that requires workers to be on lifts, scaffolding, around large equipment or in risky locations could place an employee in harm's way. Fortunately, most employers provide workers' compensation insurance to employees to help cover medical expenses in the unfortunate event of an accident that results in injury. When injuries result in death, some families are also eligible for some insurance benefits. One family in another state has likely had to process all the insurance and benefits they are eligible for, following their loved one's death that resulted from a work accident.

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