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Car accidents: Children injured at bus stops

School administrators and authorities have worked hard over the years to ensure the safety of children at school bus stops and when in route to school. Despite efforts and safety education, car accidents continue to occur at school bus stops, endangering the lives of children and parents. An alarming six accidents have occurred across the country in recent weeks at bus stops. One accident injured two Kentucky children.

Car accidents: Man dies in horrific crash

Unfortunately, Kentucky employees are familiar with the tragedies that can occur in the blink of an eye. Sadly, several people witnessed one of the area's most recent horrific car accidents.  Traffic was stopped for hours on the interstate, and one man died as a result of the crash.

Car accidents: Drugs may have been factor in fatal collision

Reconstructionists use the evidence collected on the scene of a collision to piece together the actions that likely preceded an accident. Witness reports, vehicle data and surveillance video footage can aid an investigator with understanding the reasons car accidents may have occurred. Sometimes the evidence indicates that negligent actions of a driver may have contributed to an accident. A man from another state has been recently accused of negligence and contributing to a fatal accident in Kentucky.

Car accidents: Tragic Kentucky head-on collision results in death

Distracted driving has become a major concern to anyone who travels on the roads. News reports and studies indicate that many car accidents now occur because of distracted driving, whether it be from eating, cell phone use or distractions immediately around them in or out of the vehicle. It is unknown if a recent tragic Kentucky head-on collision resulted from distracted driving, but investigators are currently exploring the events just prior to the accident.

Car accidents: Man shatters femur in collision

The aftermath of any accident is overwhelming for anyone involved. Families of victims also often feel the impact even if they were not directly injured or involved. A family of a victim may experience worry over a loved one's health, the expense of medical bills or be required to miss work to care for an injured loved one. The aftermath of car accidents can easily impact many different people. Unfortunately, some Kentucky families have recently discovered the ripple effect that can result from a bad accident.

Mulitple car accidents result in 2 deaths, many injured

Recently, authorities responded to a non-urgent accident report on a Kentucky interstate. A simple accident with no reported injuries quickly multiplied into several car accidents. Not only were multiple vehicles involved, but many were injured and two deaths occurred.

Kentucky car accidents: DUI factor in tragedy

Being notified of the unexpected death of a loved one is understandably an emotional shock. Loved ones are likely to experience a myriad of emotions, including anger if it is suspected that the negligent actions of another person may have caused the loss. Car accidents can often result in unexpected tragedy due to the negligence of another person, including speeding, distracted driving, driving under the influence and/or other means of negligent driving. Sadly, one Kentucky family was recently notified of their loved one's death following her tragic collision.

Car accidents: 5 members of family killed in collision

As most kids were anticipating a fun night of trick or treat and accumulating large amounts of candy, one Kentucky family was planning five unexpected funerals. Any time car accidents occur, it can result in serious property damage, injuries and, as in this case, death. Surviving family members are often overwhelmed with the aftermath that follows a fatal accident.

Kentucky car accidents: Women injured in head-on collision

Every day people's lives have the potential to change in an instant. Unfortunately for some, it is not always a good change. Instantly, car accidents can result in serious injuries that can require a life-time of medical treatment and therapy. Sadly, others are fatal. Two women in Kentucky are finding out first hand how much their lives can quickly change after a recent accident.

Ketucky car accidents: tragedy struck during eclipse

The recent solar eclipse had many Kentucky residents in awe as they viewed the rare and infrequent occasion that occurred from coast to coast. Many residents took to the streets, pausing work, school and other routine activities to view the event. Warnings were issued to drive with caution during the event in an effort to prevent car accidents due to distraction from the eclipse. Sadly, two observers were struck by a car during the event, and it ended tragically.

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