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Motorcycle accidents: Bike passenger dies in crash

A variety of shapes and sizes of vehicles travel along Kentucky roadways. Although many types are permitted, some vehicles are certainly at a disadvantage to others due to a difference in size. Motorcycles and their riders are definitely at a disadvantage when motorcycle accidents with larger vehicles occur. Sadly, a recent fatal crash involving a motorcycle underscores the harm that these types of accidents can cause.

Motorcycle accidents: Designated driver causes fatal crash

As the weather becomes warmer after the arrival of summer, the number of motorcycles on Kentucky highways increases significantly. While many vehicle drivers look out for bikers and consider them while driving, bikers will always be at risk of motorcycle accidents caused by impaired drivers. Sadly, a motorcyclist in Louisville fell victim to a drunk driver in the early morning hours of a recent Saturday.

Motorcycle accidents: Beware of road hazards

With warmer weather in Kentucky, there are sure to be motorcycle riders who could not wait to get their bikes out from storage. For them, there is nothing better than taking to the open roads. However, specialized skills are required to stay safe and avoid motorcycle accidents because bikers have hardly any protection, and collisions with other vehicles often have catastrophic consequences.

Motorcycle accidents: University of Kentucky student dies in crash

The cooler fall temperatures have made it more enjoyable for Kentucky riders to be out on the roads on their motorcycles. Unfortunately, along with increased riding, there is a greater chance for motorcycle accidents to occur. Tragically, a senior college student died in a serious accident as he was riding his bike one morning.

Kentucky motorcycle accidents: collision with truck kills rider

Adhering to traffic laws, following the speed limit, wearing safety restraints and not driving distracted are all ways Kentucky residents aim to avoid collisions. In addition, motorcyclists are well aware that wearing helmets can further their safety while riding a bike. It is well known when motorcycle accidents occur involving a bike and a larger vehicle, the motorcycle rider is at greater risk for serious injuries. Recently, one young motorcyclist lost his life following an accident despite wearing safety gear.

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