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Workers' compensation: March drowning investigation concluded

The Kentucky Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program recently reported the conclusion of an investigation into the death of a patrol officer who drowned in March this year. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health says 12 to 13 workers nationwide suffer fatal work-related injuries each day. The FACE program's investigations aim to study the circumstances of such accidents to prevent similar incidents in the future. However, workers' compensation claims for death benefits are also filed every day.

Workers' compensation: Parents lack answers to son's death

The Kentucky Occupational and Safety Health office exists to enforce work safety regulations and to conduct investigations of workplace accidents, especially of accidents involving serious injuries and fatalities. Parents of a killed 17-year-old worker, along with a county prosecutor, have accused the KY OSH office of an incomplete and sloppy investigation of the boy's fatal accident. Experts state that incomplete investigations such as this one can affect workers' compensation benefits to an injured worker or family of a deceased victim.

Workers' compensation: Man dies after injury at UPS facility

When the Occupational Health and Safety Administration investigates a work accident, it typically evaluates employee training, equipment condition, the safety of the work environment and other factors. Following an OHSA investigation, employers in violation of some policies can face serious fines. Unfortunately for workers, unsafe work environments or improper training can result in injury, for which they are likely entitled to pursue a workers' compensation claim.

Workers' compensation: Man dead after apparent electrocution

Large and small construction projects in Kentucky typically involve numerous workers, large equipment and cumbersome supplies. All aspects are a recipe for a multitude of work accidents. If a worker suffers an injury from an on-the-job accident, he or she may have access to a state-managed workers' compensation insurance program to assist with related expenses. Sadly, one family likely has the option to file a claim for death benefits after the loss of their loved one while working on an elevator shaft.

Workers' compensation: Man injured when trapped under machine

It is no a surprise that a construction site can consist of many dangers to workers and others on a job site. Construction work in Kentucky often involves working with unstable environments to begin the process of building something new. Unfortunately, an unstable environment may be the reason one injured construction worker in another state may be filing a workers' compensation claim for injuries.

Workers' compensation: Claims without attorney may be difficult

Undoubtedly, working with different construction tools, equipment or machinery can pose a serious risk to workers. When an injury occurs on the job, many Kentucky workers file a claim through their workers' compensation program. When an unfortunate tragic death occurs at work, families sometimes qualify for death benefits through the same insurance program. Sadly, three different workers and/or families may be filing claims in another state after three different construction accidents.

Workers' compensation: Black lung cases at high rate in Kentucky

Coal mining continues to be a viable form of income for many residents in eastern Kentucky. An alarming study reported by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health indicates that more miners are diagnosed with black lung currently than any other period in the last 25 years. Workers experiencing diseases or injuries in relation to their occupation are likely covered by federal or state-regulated workers' compensation insurance.

Most states do not recognize PTSD as valid workers' compensation

Those who work in emotionally charged fields, such as first responders, often face stresses that the majority of workers will never experience. As a result, these workers are often viewed as being mentally tougher and able to cope with the traumas they often face. However, there has been an increase in the numbers of workers who are struggling with the effects of these stresses, and, unfortunately, many states -- including Kentucky -- tend to deny these types of workers' compensation claims.

Workers' compensation: Man still recovering after arm amputated

Every job in Kentucky, unfortunately, entails some risks, but some professions have more than others. Depending on the work they do, construction workers typically face serious risks every day on the job. When accidents occur, workers' compensation insurance benefits is often the route workers use to cover medical expenses. One man in another state has recounted his long and continued journey of recovery after a horrific on-the-job accident he experienced two years ago.

Unaddressed hazards often lead to workers' compensation claims

Workers in Kentucky may be aware of the typical hazards they can expect to face in their particular industries. However, based on workers' compensation claims, some dangers are often left unaddressed because they are not typical of a specific sector. Housekeeping is one aspect that does not receive the attention it deserves because serious injuries can result from slips on wet spots caused by spillages or leaks, and from trips over debris or random, misplaced objects.

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