Put An Experienced Trial Attorney On Your Side

What You Can Expect When Working With Me

I am attorney Alan S. Rubin, an experienced lawyer who is here for you and your family during difficult times. I pride myself on answering and returning phone calls. When you hire a lawyer, they should be willing and eager to take your calls and answer any questions that you have. I might not always have something to tell you when you call, but I’ll always take your call and answer your questions. It has always been my goal not to be one of those lawyers who, once they sign up a client, are impossible to reach. When I take your case, I work on it personally and do not pass it off to a case manager or a junior associate fresh out of law school. I will put my 30-plus years of experience to work for you.

As your lawyer, I will aggressively advocate for you in the courtroom. Whether you seek compensation from insurance companies after a car accident, from workers’ compensation benefits or from Social Security Disability claims, I will be by your side through every step in the process.

Accessibility And Experience

You can always speak to me about your case. I am responsive to your needs and take the time to thoroughly explain your legal options. And as I said above, I will take your phone calls. In fact, I often prefer to answer my phone calls myself, even though I have a very competent secretarial staff.

With over 30 years of experience with Kentucky law, I know what is needed for your case to succeed. I conduct thorough investigations and will evaluate and advise you of all of your options. If your case has to go to trial, I have the trial experience necessary to think quickly on my feet to put you in a favorable position as we pursue a successful outcome, given the specific circumstances of the case.

My dedication to individuals who come to me is sincere. In the decades of my law practice, I have seen firsthand the devastating impact an injury can have on a person and their loved ones. When you are injured, it can be difficult or impossible to provide for your family. It’s at such times that you really need a strong lawyer by your side.

Education And Experience

I was born and raised in Louisville and graduated from the University of Louisville in 1984 with a B.A. in political science with honors and was a member of the prestigious Woodcock Society. I attended law school at the University of Kentucky and graduated in 1987 in the top 25% of my class. While in law school, I was a staff member of the Journal of Mineral Law and Policy.

After graduating from law school in 1987, I passed the bar exam that year and began my career as an associate with C. Fred Partin, where I worked as a law clerk during my second and third years of law school. My time there taught me the importance of being present for my clients, as well as the value of hard work. I have briefed and argued cases before both the Supreme Court of Kentucky and the United States Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit, as well as the Circuit and District Courts here in Jefferson County.

After five years at that firm, I was ready to hang out my own shingle. I have been a solo practitioner since 1992, and I have shared space with many notable attorneys over the years.

Areas Of Practice

I am pleased to offer legal counsel in several areas of law, including:

Memberships And Organizations

Even as a highly experienced lawyer, it is important to stay up to date on the ever-changing trends and developments in law. I belong to the Kentucky Justice Association, an organization dedicated to protecting the rights of Kentucky’s citizens, and to the Kentucky Workers Association and Kentucky Employees Group. These two groups advocate for and protect the rights of all workers and ensure they receive all they are entitled to when injured on the job. These collaborative groups help me stay on top of the latest developments in the law. They also provide continuing legal education with workers’ compensation seminars that I attend on an annual basis. I also work with other attorneys and together we review Supreme Court and Court of Appeals decisions in workers’ compensation cases, which is extremely valuable.

You Can Rely On Me To Protect Your Rights And Interests At All Times

I take my job as your legal advocate seriously. Clients appreciate my dedication and my willingness to talk with them whenever necessary. To learn more about how I may be able to help you, call my Louisville office at 502-513-0909 or send me an email. Your consultation is free.