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Motorcycle Wrecks

When The Negligence Of Others Causes A Motorcycle Accident

Have you or a loved one been involved in an injury accident while riding a motorcycle? Motorcycle accidents often result in serious injuries due to many factors, including the fact that a motorcycle offers far less protection to its rider than a truck or automobile.

Drivers of cars or trucks need to share the road with motorcyclists. Their failure to see you can cause serious accidents with life-threatening injuries.

How Accidents Typically Happen

There are various ways that motorcycle accidents can occur. Some of the ways that another party can cause serious injury or death include rear-end accidents, left-turn collisions, running stop signs, running red lights, speeding, drunk drivers, out-of-control motor vehicles and unsafe lane changes.

Often, automobile drivers just don’t even see motorcycles. Sometimes drivers have a tendency to look right through a motorcycle driving down the road as if it was not even there.

When a motorcycle is struck by a car or truck, the injuries are nearly always serious or fatal. Other than a helmet, a motorcycle driver simply does not have that much protection available to them. Unfortunately, when a motorcycle is struck by a car or truck, the injuries sustained are nearly always serious or fatal. Common injuries include traumatic brain injuries, fractured bones, paralysis or amputation. Scarring and disfigurement are also possible. You will need an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to recover benefits for serious or fatal injuries.

Who Pays Your Bills After A Motorcycle Accident?

Your number one priority should be your recovery after your motorcycle accident, but even as you are getting your treatment, you are probably worried about the medical bills piling up. Now is the time to contact a lawyer.

Under Kentucky law, an automobile injury victim has basic reparations benefits from their insurance to pay medical bills. Motorcycle accidents are treated differently. Motorcycle riders do not have such coverage unless they purchase it separately.

So, who pays your medical bills in a motorcycle accident? Some individuals do purchase the additional insurance, but the majority of people operating motorcycles do not. This means bills would be paid through settlement or through your health insurance. If you have not already done so, I would strongly encourage you to contact your motorcycle insurance company, which can provide the necessary coverage in the event you are injured.

There Are Strategies For Getting Your Bills Paid

As your attorney, I can help. I will fight for you to get the appropriate compensation to pay your doctor. Because I’ve been practicing in this area of law since 1987, I can draw on decades of experience when working on your case. In a situation where the insurance proceeds are not enough to pay your medical expenses, I can negotiate for a reduction in the bills. The goal is that the bills get paid and you still have some funds left over for your pain, suffering and additional losses.

Many drivers fail to observe applicable laws related to sharing the road with motorcyclists. If you believe your accident was caused by the negligence of the other driver, contact me today for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your case. Call The Law Office of Alan Rubin at 502-513-0909.

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