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4 ways retail workers can get hurt during the holidays

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2018 | Firm News

You may dread the holiday season as a retail worker. Black Friday and the weeks leading up to Christmas can drain you. You may suffer mentally and physically as you strive to provide a welcoming environment for customers. Not only can the holidays leave you feeling overworked, but you are also at risk of sustaining an injury.

Did you know that retail workers have a higher rate of injury and illness than the construction industry? While you are straining to accomplish your tasks and help customers find products, you may suffer a workplace accident. Here are some core hazards to watch out for this holiday season.

1. Slips and trips

Slipping and tripping is a prevalent hazard among retail workers. Common causes of slips and trips in retail stores include the following:

  • Ice
  • Snow
  • Rain
  • Rugs
  • Loose mats
  • Stepladders
  • Spills
  • Freshly mopped surfaces
  • Clutter
  • Poor lighting

If you fall because of one of these hazardous conditions, you may suffer strains, sprains, bruises or fractures.

2. Overworking

Overexerting yourself is particularly possible during the rush of the holidays. You may work long hours or perform too many tasks without sufficient relief. Working too long, using bad posture, and repeating the same motions can lead to exhaustion and musculoskeletal complications such as back injuries and tendinitis.

3. Violence

Sometimes, working during the holiday season is simply unsafe. An interaction with a customer can suddenly turn violent. Frustrated shoppers and aggressive sales can lead to bad situations. If you store expects to see large crowds, there should be a crowd-control plan in place. Proper crowd management may include setting up barricades, having security guards on-site, and developing emergency procedures.

4. Falling merchandise

Your store probably has more items than usual in anticipation of huge sales. The stockroom or sales floor may be full of merchandise you are hoping to sell. If these items are stacked too high, they may fall onto you.