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Motor Vehicle FAQ

Why should I hire you?

In addition to my 30-plus years of experience, I return my phone calls and will personally answer your questions. Ask around and chances are you’ll find somebody I’ve helped in the past. When you ask them what they thought about me, you’ll see that my previous clients are my best advertising.

I’m scared to see my doctor because I can’t afford the medical expenses, what can I do?

In Kentucky, your insurance provides up to $10,000 in basic reparations benefits to pay for your medical expenses. Unless you have affirmatively waived those benefits, your insurance company will be responsible for your reasonable and necessary medical expenses.

The guy that hit me didn’t have insurance on his car, what can I do?

Many people have uninsured motorist coverage on their policy, which will provide coverage in the event that you have been injured by an uninsured motorist. A quick check of your policy can reveal the coverage you may have.

Can I afford your services?

I work on a contingency basis for my personal injury and workers’ compensation practices. You owe me nothing, including court costs or expenses, unless I win or settle your case. I charge very reasonable fees for other services, such as appearances in District Court for traffic and other matters. If you have a question, call me. The first consultation is always free.

How do I know you won’t shuffle my case off to a paralegal or some inexperienced associate fresh out of law school?

I am a sole practitioner. When you hire me, I’ll handle your case personally and put all my years of experience to work for you.

What other areas of the law can you help me or my family with?

In addition to personal injury, automobile accident and workers’ compensation claims, I’ve helped people with their Social Security Disability claims and even with many types of misdemeanor criminal cases, including child support cases. If you’ve got a legal problem or question, give me a call. More often than not, I can help.

*Court costs and case expenses will be the responsibility of the client only if we win or settle your claim. If we do not win or settle your claim, you owe nothing.